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The genesis of Collecting Earth can be traced back to a personal realization about how little space I have consumed. What began as a simple epiphany has since evolved into full-blown research taking on a multitude of forms and exploring a wide range of topics such as the concept of expanded identity, the colonized body, wilderness and wilding, somatic healing practices, archive and memory.

This project will be presented as both a film and a publication. This initiative has inspired my PhD research, where I am actively working on developing innovative re-wilding pedagogies that can help create new sustainable imaginaries.

Performance 1 Shame
Shame has always come before me in every interaction and every situation.I asked my shame out on a date to befriend it. Accept it and understand it like a lover. I don't know when it became bigger than me. I am finally able to see it as a separate entity. Separate from me.


This performance is part of a series titled "Reconciliation". The series is inspired by my journey of acceptance, acknowledgement and forgiveness for the parts of myself that I've been scared to face.


Performance/Presentation for the Sentient Performativities 26-30 June, 2022 Dartington, UK.

The performance walks its viewers through the process of becoming that involves devising new choreographies of empathy and love through dialogue and playful interventions.This performance is part of Hirezh's presentation at the symposium.

Hirezh is an art collective that encourages new ways of interacting with the spaces and places.

AlmResidency#6 Exhibition at Super+Centercourt, Munich 2022.

Collecting earth is a video performance/film and installation. The project is a  continuity of taking up space, finding my own flow and wave to dance through life and tapping into my expanded identity beyond the body, geography and human. An identity that is de-colonized, free flowing, unapologetic for its expansion and growth like wild forests and rivers.